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Reader Donna recently posted a comment on the post showing how author J. T. Ellison uses her Quo Vadis Habana notebook as her bullet journal. In her comment, Donna said she used to journal and do art but has been unable to due to chronic pain from a car accident, and asked for tips and ideas. I referred her to a post on our sister blog Rhodia Drive where Maritza showed us how she does art therapy in her journal to help manage her chronic pain.

Journaling (whether writing, art, or a combination) can be an effective way to help you through chronic pain. In her post, Maritza said that doing art helps distract her from the pain. Journaling can also help you directly with the anxiety and frustration of chronic pain.

This article from Swedish Pain Services in Seattle gives some details on how writing down negative thoughts can help disrupt the anxiety loop and re-program your mind to see these thoughts in a different way.

The article recommends writing down these thoughts, and then immediately throwing them away. The goal is to help separate you from the thoughts. The point of throwing them away is so you can feel free to write without restriction.

I am no expert, but I wonder if instead of throwing away your writing, it might be helpful to keep a log of your thoughts and a record of your progress. Over time it could be helpful to look back and hopefully see that you have improved.

Do you have any experience with journaling to help with chronic pain? What has your experience been?

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