Time management Monday: Think ahead for the back-to-busy time

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I started to write this article with the usual back-to-busy advice: make sure you have all the stuff you need for the upcoming months; create morning and evening routines to simplify your days; plan your week to include meal planning and grocery shoppping; etc.

It’s true, all those things will help the busy times go more smoothly. But then I thought about what is more important than telling you to set out your clothes the night before or check your planner each morning and evening.

Think about how you want the next several months to be. Picture in your mind: what does each month look like to you? How do you imagine each month? How would you like it to be?

Think about what’s coming up each month: back-to-school, birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, the holidays. Sports events, family events, work projects.

Imagine how you want all of those to turn out. What would make you feel like each month was a success?

Now think about what you need to do to make those things happen. Be realistic: in an ideal world maybe things would be a little different, but think about what you can actually do.

Now write in your planner the steps you need to do to create that success. Make lists of anything you need to buy, reservations you need to make, people to talk to, plans to coordinate.

Next, think about your actions on a daily level. Incorporate those morning and evening routines and weekly planning sessions. Work on big projects a little bit at a time so you won’t feel overwhelmed or have a time crunch. Remember to take care of yourself with plenty of sleep, exercise, and healthy eating so you can be at your best during busy times.

Think about how you want each month to be, plan the steps you need to make it happen, and incorporate those actions into your daily schedule.

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