Time management Monday: Plan next summer now

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At Summer's End

Now that summer is drawing to a close, it’s a good time to think about what you would like to do next summer. For example, every year we go away somewhere soon after school is out. Then we have a long stretch of time before school starts again. In early August we realize we would like to go somewhere even for just a weekend to have one last getaway before the school year begins. But by then the kennel is fully booked so we can’t board our dog, and it’s hard to get reservations to stay anywhere. So I’m already thinking about what I would like to do differently next year, and how early I need to make reservations.

It’s worthwhile to plan ahead now for next summer. Even if you don’t make any hard plans yet (it’s probably too early to actually book travel, although you might see about accommodation), think about what you would like to do next summer.

What did you enjoy about this summer? What would you like to do again next summer?

What do you wish you had done differently, or more of, this summer? How can you plan to incorporate that into next summer?

What is your expected budget for next summer?

Write in your planner what you would like to do next summer, while it’s fresh in your mind. Also write in months in advance reminders to make your travel and accommodation reservations so you can have it all set in plenty of time.

With some thought and planning now, you can make next summer the best one yet!

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