Time management Monday: Brain dump your goals

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Here’s a quick exercise to do when you are feeling overwhelmed and/ or directionless: do a brain dump of your goals.

The first step in working toward your goals is knowing what they are. Having a vague idea of what you wish were different isn’t specific enough to work on. Knowing what you want will give you focus and direction.

Get a blank piece of paper, and write down what you want to change in your life. Maybe you want to lose weight and/ or get healthier. Maybe you want to get your home organized, reduce your debt, or be more successful at work. Maybe you are thinking of longer-term goals: learn a language, travel, buy a house, save enough money for a comfortable retirement.

Get it all out on paper so you can see all the things you want to make happen in your life. Don’t bother to categorize or break things down into steps yet. Just get it all out.

Now look at what you have written. What do you see? What kind of a life do those words describe? Imagine the life you have written. What does it look like?

Now evaluate the priorities of each goal you have written. Which ones are most important? Highlight them.

Next you can start to break each goal down into action steps and timelines. Think about how long each goal will take, and what you need to do in which order. For example, some steps might be:

  1. Balance budget
  2. Pay off debts
  3. Save for down payment on a house

Create a timeline for how long each step will take. Keep in mind that sometimes life gets in the way and your timeline may change, so don’t beat yourself up for setbacks. Think of ways to get back on track if you get derailed.

Next Monday we’ll continue with more tips on setting and achieving your goals the way successful people do!

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