National Planner Day!

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Today is National Planner Day! Today planner users everywhere celebrate how their planners have improved and enriched their lives.

In recent years, paper planners have made a comeback in a big way. And for good reason! Paper planners help you organize your life with a level of freedom and self expression that apps can’t replicate. Paper planners have been shown to increase personal productivity, and writing your goals by hand is a proven method for helping you to be more successful in achieving them. Writing by hand has been shown time and again to help your brain process information, improve memory, and make you smarter!

Your planner is also a great place to express your creativity and capture memories. Your planner then becomes an archive of memories and a record of your life that will last for years, unlike the ever-changing nature of electronic record-keeping. Your planner will hold your memories for years to come.

The online planner community is vast and vibrant! Join the Quo Vadis planner community on our Facebook page. We also have a Facebook group for Quo Vadis planner and notebook users, and a group for everyone doing our Page Per Day Challenge! You can also find Quo Vadis planners on Instagram and Twitter.

Quo Vadis planners come in sizes from pocket all the way up to extra-large in a variety of formats so there truly is something for everyone. Whether your year runs on the academic year or January-December, we’ve got you covered.  And all Quo Vadis planners are made with luxurious Clairefontaine paper, milled in France and sustainably sourced.

How has your planner enriched your life?


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