Jet Pens Comprehensive Guide to Herbin Inks

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Jet Pens recently did a post on their blog titled J. Herbin Inks: A Comprehensive Guide. It is comprehensive indeed! It gives a brief history of the brand, then goes into details on all the different types of inks from Herbin.

You are probably already aware of the line of Standard Inks designed for everyday use, and the jewel-toned Anniversary Inks with shimmer particles (like the famous Emeraude de Chivor and the new Kyanite du Nepal).

But did you know that Herbin makes glow-in-the-dark Phosphorescent Ink, Pearlescent Inks, Scented Inks, Pigment Inks, indelible inks, inks specifically for dip pens, and more?


You can see the entire range of Herbin inks with descriptions and suggestions for use for each type in the Jet Pens Comprehensive Guide to Herbin Inks.



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