How to Focus on your Big-Picture Priorities

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Like many of us, you probably feel like your attention is pulled in all directions at once. You want to do well at work/ school, and in your relationships. You want to take care of your health and be financially stable. You also want to read more, and expand your opportunities. Where to begin??

Start with a simple exercise: assess each area of your current life, and decide what you want to focus on in the upcoming year. The Life Noted planner has pages designed to help you do this:


First you’ll select 8 major areas of your life, then think about how they have been for the past year (academic year or January-December). Then rate your satisfaction in each of these areas on the simple diagram on the page shown below. This will give you a quick and easy, yet powerful visual representation of how balanced all the different aspects of your life are currently. Below the diagram is an area on the page to make notes.


Now use this information to determine your priorities for the upcoming year. What do you want to improve? What is going well and you want to keep it up? What new goals will you have? This is where you can brainstorm your ideas to refer back to all year and remind yourself what you want to accomplish.



In an upcoming post, I’ll show you how to break down your priorities into goals and monthly action steps!

The Life Noted planners have these pages and more, designed to help you focus on your priorities, set and track your goals all year, and live your best life! They are available in academic year and January-December planners with a variety of cover options. Click here for more information and photos of the pages!

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