Time management Monday: Post-vacation re-evaluation

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I recently returned home from a two-week trip. After being away from my usual places and out of my usual routines, I came back with a fresh perspective on my day to day life. Having that break made me realize some ruts I was in, and some patterns that weren’t particularly helpful. It made me aware of some habits that needed changing.

After you’ve been away from home and work for awhile, even if it’s just a short break, focus on seeing your daily life with fresh eyes.

Notice what time, in general, you do things: do you tend to do the same things at the same time each day? Are those the best times to do those things, or could you be more effective doing different things, or at other times?

While you are thinking about times, notice how you feel at different times of the day. Do you feel more anxious in the mornings? (Morning anxiety is very common, here are some tips to help combat anxiety.) Do you tend to feel sleepy after lunch? What times are you most creative? What times do you have a mental slump? See if you can arrange your schedule to fit your natural rhythms.

Think about your daily routines. How do you usually start your day: rushed, calm, organized, scattered? How do you end your day: relaxed, stressed, content, exhausted? How can you create useful routines to help you start your day organized and calm, and end the day relaxed and clear-minded? (Hint: prep your morning stuff the night before.)

Being away and taking a break from everyday life is a great way to become aware of things you might want to change in your day to day life. What daily actions can you change to improve your mood, health, relationships, and work?

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