Time management Monday: Getting organized for a great school year

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Whether you are student, or a parent with kids in school, here are some tips on how to get and stay organized all school year long!

The number one tip is, get all school-related dates into your planner immediately, before the school year starts. Sit down with your planner and the school calendar and write in school dates, days off, half days, parent teacher conferences, exam dates, holidays, and everything else you can. By getting these dates into your planner right at the start, you will be able to rely on your planner knowing all the relevant dates are already in there.

If you are a student, go through each class’s syllabus and write in deadlines, projects, exams, field trips, and any other details you have for each of your classes. This will let you map out your school year, know when big projects or tests will happen, and will let you see the big picture. For example, by having all of your class information in your planner, you will be able to see if you have a big project due the same week as a paper or exam in another class. This will let you plan ahead and be prepared. No more last-minute rushing to get everything done!

Things change, and often at the last minute, so be prepared by carrying your planner with you everywhere. That way you can update your schedule wherever you are, avoid double-booking, and never forget a thing. Quo Vadis planners are slim and lightweight and are designed to go everywhere with you in your bag or pocket.

Planner shown: the Academic Minister weekly planner has timed weekly schedules, weekly dashboards for tasks and notes, and monthly planning pages.

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