Anderson Pens reviews new Herbin Kyanite du Nepal ink

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Anderson Pens did a wonderful review of the new Herbin 1798 Anniversary ink Kyanite du Nepal. They did writing tests, shading tests, water resistance tests, and a beautiful art sample. They rate the flow, saturation, drying time, water resistance, feathering, bleedthrough, shading, and clean up. Here was their overall impression of the ink:

J. Herbin really nailed it with this ink; it’s my favorite addition to line since Emerald of Chivor. The underlying color is a beautiful vivid blue, and the addition of the silver shimmer makes good into great. The ink is fun and playful, and you could probably even get away with using it at work.

See the entire review and photos here!

You can now buy Herbin Kyanite du Nepal ink in the US at Anderson Pens and other fine retailers.

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