Writing Wednesday: Micro-journaling on the go

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Last month I showed you how to do micro-journaling in your planner as a quick and convenient way to capture memories every day. You can also do micro-journaling in a pocket notebook that you take everywhere with you. This is especially useful when traveling, and is also very effective in your day to day life.

Micro-journaling is a method of writing very little to briefly capture memories, ideas, or thoughts. This allows you to journal without taking up much time. Micro-journaling in a pocket notebook allows you to capture details on the spot, like the name of that restaurant your friend recommended, directions to the scenic outlook, numbers and notes, or details about the photos you’re taking.

Capturing these kinds of details helps you preserve the memories, and allows you to access that information again in the future (for example when you want to go back to that place).

And because micro-journaling is quick and easy, you won’t have to spend loads of time recording your experiences. Especially when I’m traveling or on vacation, I’m too busy doing fun things to take the time to write for a long time.

Sometimes micro-journaling is enough to help you remember your experiences. Or, you can flesh out your memories with more detailed journal-writing or sketching later.

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