Time management Monday: Update on how Debra is using her Space 24 week + notes planner

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You might remember Debra, one of the winners of our 30 Days Apps To Paper Planner Challenge. She showed us awhile back how she is using the Space 24 week + notes planner she won. She recently sent me an update:

I have continued to faithfully use my Space 24 planner and I still love it!  I still use Outlook for my conference call codes and schedule, and I use the sticky notes app on my computer.  I have a long commute to work, and this is when ideas or tasks often occur to me, so I use Siri to enter them into notes that I transcribe into my planner once at work or home.  I recently reorganized the way I build my to do list, based on a great blog post that I cannot recall the author of, for the life of me (apologies!).  The overall idea is to separate tasks on the list based on whether they are date-dependent, or general.  This is so simple but has been revolutionary for me.  The Space 24 has really helped with this, as I can enter tasks by date on the left, or in the notes section for the more general ones.  I use arrows for the tasks to carry over to the next week.  I am always running all over our building at work, so the planner is the easiest way to make notes “on the fly”!  Thanks again for the great planner!

Thank you so much for this update Debra, I’m so glad your Space 24 planner is still working well for you, and thank you for sharing your tip on date-dependent vs general tasks!

You can see more information about the Space 24 week + notes planner here. The 2020 planners will be available later this summer!

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