Today is National Notebook Day!

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It’s National Notebook Day! Notebook lovers everywhere are celebrating today. Look for #nationalnotebookday online!

Notebooks are more than just paper to write on. They hold our thoughts, our hopes and dreams, our goals, and our memories. A favorite notebook can be your trusty sidekick, confidant, life coach, and friend.

There’s no right way to use a notebook! The beauty of paper is in its simplicity. There are no fixed fields to type your data into. Write on the page any way you like. Stick in tickets and mementos. Sketch, paint, doodle on the pages. Your notebook is ready to capture everything you put into it.

Quo Vadis notebooks are designed to give you a superior writing experience and hold your memories for years to come with their fountain pen friendly, acid-free French-milled paper. Look for our Habana notebooks, refillable notebooks, and new Life Journal Infinite. See all the Quo Vadis notebooks here!

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