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Let’s face it: life admin can be a drag. Keeping up on your bills, insurance renewals, doctor and dentist appointments, managing files and paperwork… these kinds of jobs tend to pile up, sometimes with disastrous consequences if ignored. Here are some tips for reducing the overwhelm and keeping up on your adulting duties:

Financial: Write all paydays and bills due in your planner, so you have a visual on when your money comes in and when it goes out. I find the anno-planning pages in my planner to be especially useful for this. I write my income amount on the dates I get paid, and my bills amounts on the dates they are due. This gives me a quick and easy overview of how much and when money comes in and goes out.

Insurance: Use your planner to keep up on your renewal dates for all of your insurance policies: Medical, Life, Homeowners/ Renters, Car, etc. Write the renewal dates into your planner with a reminder a couple of weeks in advance. Even if they auto renew each year, it’s a good idea to review your policies each year to make sure they still fit your needs. If your rates change from year to year, be sure to write the amounts too.

Medical: Write in your planner when you are due for medical and dental checkups, and write reminders to make appointments well in advance. Write appointments for next year in the following year anno-planner in the back of your planner, to transfer into next year’s planner. Use a Notes page in your planner, or the Notes booklet in the back of your planner, to list farther-future tests, for example if you need your cholesterol rechecked in 3 years. Transfer this info into your new planner so it doesn’t get lost, and you can remember to schedule it when the time comes.

Documents: Write expiration dates in your planner for documents like your passport and driver’s license. Remember that it can take some time to get in for a renewal appointment so be sure to write reminders well in advance in your planner.

Managing files, phone calls, etc: These types of tasks can seem less urgent, making it easy to put them off week to week. Don’t let them pile up or ignore them until they become a problem; set aside some time every week specifically to address these “mosquitoes.”

So if life admin has got you down, don’t despair! Your planner is here to help you keep up with it all.

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