Writing Wednesday: The Pen Addict reviews 5 Herbin inks

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Susan recently reviewed 5 Herbin inks over at The Pen Addict. The post is a series of quick mini-reviews, with an overview of each ink showing writing samples (with fine and broad nibs) and discussing shading/ shimmer (or lack thereof) of each ink. She covers a good range of colors and gives her impressions of each one:

Vert de Gris

“the most unique color of the five inks…has both deep turquoise and gray hues”


Bleu des Profondeurs

“purple blue… nicely saturated”


Rouge Grenat

“lush garnet red…highly saturated”


Corail des Tropiques

“watery and too light for use in finer nibs. It might work well as a wash.”


Bleu Calanque

“bright turquoise color that is saturated enough to work well in fine nibs”

So if you’ve been curious about any of these inks, or want to see what the colors look like next to each other, check out the review here!

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