Time management Monday: Nervous about setting goals? Here’s how to overcome goal-setting hesitation

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There’s a lot of focus these days on goal-setting. Instagram is full of people who are crushing their goals and celebrating their achievements. Great for them, but it can be intimidating when setting your own goals. What do you write on that piece of paper under My Goals For This Year/ Month/ Week when you are worried you might not be able to achieve them? What if you fail? Here’s how to overcome the overwhelm.

Start small: Instead of jumping straight into a huge goal, start with something smaller. Yes goals should challenge you, but they should also be realistic. So if you are just getting started with goals, take small steps. Not only will it build your confidence, you will also learn how this whole goal-setting life-changing thing works.

Progress not perfection: Say you set a goal to run 10 miles this week, but you only end up running 8. Even though you didn’t hit your numbers, you still ran 8 miles! That’s great! 8 miles is better than none. It’s better than 7. Maybe it’s even better than what you did last week. Even if you don’t move forward as quickly as you planned, as long as you keep moving forward you will get there.

Resillience is key: Lots of people are afraid to commit to their goals in case they fail. The fact is, people fail. A lot. In fact, the most successful people are not the ones that succeed more than they fail. They are the ones that push through failure, bounce back, and keep going. It’s easy to look at everyone online succeeding at their goals and worry there must be something wrong with you if you aren’t as successful. Get away from your screen and stop looking. Don’t compare. Focus on you and your life. Remember you aren’t seeing all the times they failed, just the one time they succeeded. Here is an article about famous successful people and how they overcame failure to inspire you.

For your next step, see How To Set Achievable Goals.

Planner shown: the Life Noted goal-setting planner.

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