Time management Monday: How Jason uses his Space 24 planner with his bullet journal and Google calendar

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Jason was one of the lucky winners of our 30 Day Apps to Paper Planner Challenge. He chose a Space 24 week + notes planner to try for his 30 days. Here is how he is using his Space 24 planner along with his bullet journal and Google calendar:

I found that using the planner alone didn’t really work for me – having my to-do list items and scheduled items in the planner box led to things getting too crowded and things getting overlooked.
But where I found the planner is really helpful is when I use it in conjunction with a bullet journal.  All my future planning takes place in the planner, saving me the need to draw monthly and yearly spreads in my bujo.  At the beginning of the day I copy the day’s events to my bujo and work from that over the course of the day, until at the end of the day I copy any events scheduled while away from my desk from the bujo into the planner.  (I’m still using Google calendar as well – my wife and I have two special needs children and nothing we have found beats the convenience of a shared online calendar for keeping our household schedule intact.)
Thanks again for the opportunity to try out this planner – as things stand right now, I can easily see myself ordering next year’s edition.

Here’s a picture from my planner with a couple of items redacted. A couple of things I want to point out:
1. The circled 14 after “Trash/recycling to curb” means that item repeats in 14 days.
2. The different ink colors are meaningless – just whatever pen I have in my hand at the moment. I’d love to be one of those people who color codes different things, but inevitably I never have the pen I need with me.

Thank you so much Jason! I’m so glad you are enjoying using your Space 24 planner.

You can see more information on the Space 24 week + notes planner here.

Space 24 week + notes planner

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