Planner feature: Next year planning pages

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One of the most useful features of Quo Vadis planners (in my opinion) is the Anno-Planner for the following year. These pages allow you to write in dates for all of next year. This is a great place to write in long-range dates like dentist appointments, when you are due for checkups or insurance renewals, birthdays and anniversaries, travel and holidays, and whatever else comes up this year that you need to schedule already for next year. As things come up, just write them directly into your planner’s Anno-Planner for next year.

Then when it’s time to fill out your new planner next year, just transfer the dates into your new planner! No more searching for appointment reminder cards or trying to remember what those important dates were.

The Anno-Planner shows the entire year across a two-page spread so you can see your whole year at a glance.

Most Quo Vadis planners have an Anno-Planner for the current year, and many have one for the following year too.

Planner shown: Life Noted planner

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