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One of the many things that first made me fall in love with Quo Vadis planners is the maps. Many (but not all) Quo Vadis planners have excellent maps of the USA and all the continents, and time zone maps. I have traveled a lot and moved internationally several times over the years, and have always appreciated being able to easily access maps in my planner to help plan my trips. I especially like having time zone maps to see what time it is back home and/ or at my destination.

Not all Quo Vadis planners have maps, and some only have a map of the USA. We’ve had feedback over the years that some people like having maps in their planners, while other people never use them.

What about you? Do you like having maps in your planner?

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  1. I like having a time zone map in mine since I have clients all over the US and Canada. I always have to double check time zones when I make appointments, so I use it a lot.

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