How Debra is using her Space 24 week + notes planner for her 30 day apps to paper planner challenge

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Debra was one of the winners in our recent 30 Day Apps to Paper Planner Challenge giveaway. She chose a Space 24 week + notes planner. Here is what she has to say about it:

I love the Space 24 planner that you sent me!  I am hooked on using it!

First, I like that it is an “all business” planner.  There are so many functional features, everything about it is so well thought out.  I often use the three small calendars on each note page, and I really like the semi-annual planner and the 2020 annual planner.  The week at a view is perfect for me.

The cover seems indestructible and I am able to store my allergy shot log and extra stamps and references in the back cover flap.

I found the size to be optimal: portable but plenty of space for writing.  I also like the non-glare color of the pages and the paper quality!

I have a job that involves a lot of confidential information, so I had to block out so much, that it is hard to get a feel for my pages.  (Some pages would have had to be blocked-out completely, so I didn’t include them.)  I used a tracker for a course of antibiotics and I used stickers to note my dog’s Trifexis doses.

I basically used this book to jot everything down!  I wrote in this planner every day since receiving it, and I found myself reviewing what was written at the end of each day and week.  Now, I only use my work computer calendar for call-in codes for conference calls.  The rest is in the planner.  I will definitely continue to plan on paper, in the Space 24!  Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for your great feedback Debra! I’m so glad the Space 24 is working so well for you!

For more information on the Space 24 week + notes planner including where to buy, click here.

The cover on Debra’s Space 24 is the Texas refillable cover in Blue. Check out all the Quo Vadis covers here!

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Space 24 week + notes planner

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