Writing Wednesday: Favorite places to write

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I have several places where I love to write. I prefer quiet, secluded spots where I can see nature. Some people find inspiration to write in a coffee shop or other public place; not only is that too loud for me, I just can’t get into a personal frame of mind when I’m in a public space.

My favorite place to write is in the front room of my house, where we have lots of windows that look out onto the trees and hills. I can see birds and watch the weather from where I sit. I relax on the comfortable couch in a sunny spot, and write to my heart’s content.

When the weather is good, I like to sit in our back yard under the shade tree. Again I love to watch the birds there; we live in a wooded area a few miles from the coast so we get a good mix of forest birds and shore birds. I like to see which ones are migrating and which have come inland to nest. We have herons flying over on their way from one pond to another. The view and the trees and the birds are so relaxing and inspiring to me, the thoughts just flow.

Every year we go on vacation to a cottage a short walk from the beach. There is a sun room at the front of the house with a view across the field to the seaside, and islands beyond. I love to sit by the windows, enjoy the view and write about what we did that day, and all my random thoughts. The cottage has no wifi, so my family and I are totally unplugged (which is when the best thoughts flow). I try to capture that feeling of mental freedom without digital distractions in my writing so I can try my best to replicate it at home when I can.

Where are your favorite places to write?

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