Time management Monday: Holidays in your planner

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Quo Vadis planners save you time and effort by having holidays pre-printed in the day spaces. You don’t need to look up holidays and write them in yourself, they’re already there! This lets you set up your new planner quickly and simply.

Quo Vadis planners (excluding Exacompta planners like the Journal 21, Space 24, and Visual planners, which only have holidays for the USA) have national holidays for the USA, Canada, UK, Republic of Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, and Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Baha’i religions.


Holidays are printed out of the way so they don’t crowd your planning space:


There’s even Daylight Savings Time so you know when the clocks change:


Important dates like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are printed in the day spaces too!

Planner shown: the Quo Vadis Life Noted planner

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