Planner feature: Tear-off corners

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Tear-off corners let you find your current page easily

Quo Vadis planner users love the tear-off corners! All Quo Vadis planners come with tear-off corners to mark the current page, and they are very popular with users.

Amy loves the tear-off corners in her President weekly planner. One of the first comments she had on her new planner was, “Check out this neat perforated corner function, so you can easily find your spot.”

I do a trick with the tear-off corners in my planner: Instead of tearing off all the corners starting from the front of the planner to the current week, I leave the corners on the pages at the front of the planner, and start tearing the corners from the right page of the Anno-Planner.

The Anno-Planning pages give you an overview of the entire year

This gives me quick access to the year overview as well as my current week. I flip to the left to see the annual overview, then I flip to the right to see the current week.

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