InCoWriMo 2019!

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February is International Correspondence Writing Month (aka InCoWriMo)!

The point of InCoWriMo is to hand-write correspondence every day for all of February. The International part is that people all over the world participate. You don’t necessarily have to send correspondence internationally (although it’s nice if you do!).

This is a great way to keep in touch with letter writing the “old-fashioned” way, by putting pen to paper, addressing an envelope (correctly!) and making the effort to mail it. People love to receive a handwritten note or card, and can keep them to look back on in the future. Some people’s most cherished possessions are handwritten notes from their loved ones.

See more about how to participate in International Correspondence Writing Month at!

Stationery shown: G Lalo correspondence cards and stationery, made in Paris since 1920.

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