30 Day Challenge update: How Tiffany is using her Trinote weekly planner

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Tiffany was one of the winners of our 30 Day Challenge: Apps to Paper Planner Giveaway! She sent me some excellent photos of how she is using the Trinote weekly planner she won. She had this to say:

I just wanted to give you a quick update on how I’ve been using the planner! I received it on February 6th, and have been consistently using it since then. I’ve tried using paper planners in the past, and they’ve all been a page a day style, and I found it hard for me to put in the effort everyday to design something. I’m a graduate student, so I typically use it to keep track of my work schedule, projects, meetings, and classes. I really like my Trinote for daily use – it really helps me keep track of my schedule and what I need to do. I’m still trying to figure out a sort of method to organize my day (color coding, or different types of blocks), so each week is kind of different thus far. I think once I really figure it out, I might start posting a few pages on Instagram (@letterby).

Thank you, and I’ll give you the final 30-day recap in about 12 days!

Thanks so much for the update and excellent photos Tiffany! I’ll look forward to seeing your 30-day recap!

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