Writing Wednesday: Writers and their notebooks

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In The Writers, The Artist, The Notebooks, Anna Iltnere interviewed five authors to ask them about their favorite notebooks and pens. She writes:

For writers and artists who travel overseas, in reality or in their imaginations, a notebook is an island, somewhere to anchor, a map of thoughts, a memory tattooed on paper, sometimes a first draft for a book or sketches for an artwork.

Author Philip Hoare shows photos of his Clairefontaine notebooks and says, “My notebook is my home. It’s wherever I am in the world, the thing I retreat to.”

He does what might be the most difficult thing for any notebook owner to do: he hands his notebook over to someone else to add their contributions. He says, “Young people often interact with my notebooks — they get the idea, immediately.” He shows photos of the results, and says:

Children, as well as being the best critics, are good at reminding us of our mortality. Like the sea. Like the rows of ring-bound Clairefontaine books I use, bought in London or Barcelona or Paris, my life marching across the shelves. The paper is good. It holds ink, memories, postcards, Pat’s cormorants, infinity, ambergris, sloughed whaleskin, murre feathers, and a pressed blue flower from the canal side in Northern France where Wilfred Owen fell.

You can see the entire interview including photos of the authors’ notebooks at The Island Review.

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