What our planner names mean

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You might have noticed the names of some of our planners are a bit different. Sometimes we get questions as to the meanings behind our planner names. I’m happy to explain!

Our parent company is in France, which influences the names of many of our planners. Some examples:

@thejournalenthusiast asked on our recent Instagram post why our large day per page planner is called the Journal 21. Great question! It’s Journal as in “jour” which is the French word for day, because it’s a day per page planner. And 21 because it’s 21 cm tall (which is 8 1/4 inches).

Journal 21 day per page planner

Other planners have numbers in their names reflecting their sizes, like the Space 24 which is 24 cm (9 3/8 inches) tall and the Space 17 which is 17 cm (6 3/4 inches) tall.

Space 24 weekly planner

Another example of French influence in the planner name is the Hebdo planner. Hebdo means “weekly” in French.

Hebdo weekly planner

A planner name that sounds English is the Minister, but in this case it means the European version of the word, as in a government minister (like the Prime Minister). The Minister is one of Quo Vadis’s most popular planner formats around the world!

Minster weekly planner

You can see the entire lineup of Quo Vadis planners available in the USA at QuoVadisPlanners.com.

To find Quo Vadis planners wherever you are in the world, see this post!

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