It’s time for your mid-month check-in!

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We are already halfway through the first month of the year! Now is a good time to see if you are staying on track, and if not, how to get back on the rails.

First, look back at your goals for this year and this month. This is a tough time of year to implement new goals, so go back and take a look at your priorities for this year to remind yourself why they are important to you. (Click on the goals and priorities links for tips on how to do those, if you haven’t already.)

Look at what is coming up in the rest of this month and early next month, so you can plan ahead.

For more tips on getting back on track, see this post!

Now that everyone has been back to work/ school for awhile, you’re starting to get an idea of how well (or not) your planner is working for you. Maybe something has changed since you bought your planner. Did your workload increase, roles change, or has something else come up? Is your planner up to the task?

If not, don’t worry, you still have time to get a new planner that will handle your schedule and tasks. Most online retailers like Classic Office Products and Atlas Stationers still have the full range of Quo Vadis planners in stock. But don’t wait too long, stocks are limited and planners are done printing for this year so once the inventory is depleted they are gone.

If you aren’t sure what you need, see this post for help and ideas!


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