How to spend less time on your phone

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Coffee and smartphone

Is one of your goals to spend less time on your phone? Here’s help.

It can be hard to detach, because our phones do more and more these days. We use our smartphones for everything from looking up information on the internet and connecting on social media to checking who is on our front porch and how much electricity we have used this month.

This recent article discusses apps that tell you how much time you are spending on your phone and can help you set limits.

But maybe those apps are missing the obvious point. Yes they are helpful to limit your mindless time on your phone, but in order to spend less time on your phone you’ll need to use other tools besides your phone.

One of the most productive and enjoyable ways to have non-screen time is to use a paper planner and/ or notebook to organize your time, tasks, goals and memories. The feeling of writing on smooth, luxurious paper can’t be beat, and having a record of your life on paper is a wonderful way to preserve memories.

Quo Vadis planners and notebooks are designed to give you a thoroughly enjoyable experience, in the real world. Quo Vadis products are of the highest quality. The paper is super-smooth Clairefontaine paper, known as being the best paper in the world for writing. It’s also acid-free to preserve your memories for years to come.

Our planners have sewn bindings which lie open flat, and soft refillable covers in a huge range of materials and colors so you can choose your favorite.

See more in our Why Use A Paper Planner? series! You can also see tips here on switching to a paper planner from apps.

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