Writing Wednesday: How to get into the journaling habit!

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Do you have good intentions for journaling, want to journal, or are curious about the benefits of journaling but you’re not sure how to stick with it? Or maybe you’re not sure what you want your journaling to be; a record of your days, your thoughts, something to look back on later, or a way to work through your emotions?

No matter what your intentions for journaling, here is a great way to get into the habit: our Page Per Day Challenge. Use one page of your notebook or page per day planner/ diary each day to write, capture quotes, stick things in, sketch, or any combination thereof.

By limiting yourself to one page each day you avoid the drudgery and time commitment of extensive journaling. One page is enough to capture what’s meaningful each day.

This challenge is good for people who aren’t sure what they want their journal to be. The great thing about the Page Per Day is, it doesn’t matter. Capture whatever you want on each day’s page. Do something different every day if you want.

Over time you’ll notice what was on your mind. You’ll see patterns develop. You notice themes you keep coming back to. Maybe you’ll work through something and move on.

Whatever you choose to do with your page every day, by the end you’ll have an amazing record of your life all year!

See our Page Per Day Challenge page for more information. We have lots of ways to support you in your Page Per Day Challenge all year, including Daily Journaling Prompts and Month Themes. And don’t forget to join our Facebook group for folks doing the PPDC!

Planners shown: the Journal 21 and Notor page per day planners help keep you on track with your journaling. Pre-dated pages encourage you to use each day’s page. You can even go back later and add something, without disrupting the chronology of your book! The super-smooth acid-free paper will hold your memories for years to come. For more information including where to buy, see the Journal 21 here and the Notor here.

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