Video showing how Clairefontaine paper is made!

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I really liked this video showing how Clairefontaine paper (used in Quo Vadis planners, Clairefontaine notebooks, and Rhodia notebooks and writing pads) is made! The Executive Vice President of Exacompta Clairefontaine, Jean-Marie Nusse, talks about PEFC certification and why it’s important to the company and our customers.

The video is in French but you can auto-translate the closed captions: go to the Settings (gear symbol in the bottom right of the video), click on Subtitles, the Auto Translate. You might have to mess with it a bit: for some reason it doesn’t work for me when I click on Auto Translate the first time so I have to go to Options then back, then click on Auto Translate and it gives me the list of languages to translate to.

It’s not the best translation, but you can get the gist of what he’s saying: Clairefontaine paper is made in the Vosges, France. The paper and manufacturing process are PEFC certified, meaning they conform to strict environmental standards and the paper is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

He’s saying they felt it was important to the customers buying the products that the paper should be sustainably sourced and ecologically manufactured so they started PEFC certification in the early 2000’s, almost as soon as it was available.

In the video you get to see the slurry the paper is made from, then filtered down to the fibers. Then you see it rolled into giant rolls!

You can see the entire video here!

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