Top 10 posts for December 2018

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Here are the most-read posts for the last month of 2018!

10: Welcome To The Quo Vadis Page Per Day Challenge tells you how to get started with your journaling and creating a wonderful record of your life all year.

9: I really liked this Video Showing How Clairefontaine Paper Is Made!

8: This Time Management Monday post gives you tips on How To Find The Time To Get It All Done This Month in the busy run-up to the holidays!

7: In this post I showed you the Additional Planner Features that come in Quo Vadis planners.

6: Bullet Journaling In Your Planner: Collections and Threading was the fourth and final post in our Bullet Journaling In Your Planner series.

5: How Penny’s Use Of Her Life Noted Planner Has Evolved walks you through how Penny first started using her Life Noted planner, and how she ended up doing bullet journaling in it.

4: Managing Your Schedule And Daily Tasks In Your Planner features our Trinote weekly planner which has daily spaces with the schedule timed to the half hour plus daily spaces for your tasks each day. Now you have plenty of room to write your schedule and tasks, without your tasks cluttering up your timed schedule space!

3: How To Use A Planner, A Guide For New Users has great tips for anyone using a paper planner. It’s especially useful this time of year as people start using their new planners!

2: How To Get Into The Journaling Habit gives you lots of ideas for ways to jumpstart your journaling including our Page Per Day Challenge, our Daily Journaling Prompts, and Month Themes, all designed to give you ideas for topics to journal about every day!

1: And in our top spot for December: the Daily Journaling Prompts for December 2018! December’s DJPs were all about helping you review your year, to get you ready to set your goals for the upcoming year. Setting your goals for 2019 is the theme for January 2019’s DJPs, which you can see here!

Look for the Top 10 posts of the month on the last Thursday of each month.

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