Time management Monday: Review your year

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It’s time to review this year so you can set your goals for the new year!

This year review is for everybody, but it’s especially useful for everyone using a Life Noted planner. Welcome!

The Life Noted planner is designed to help you set your goals and follow through with them all year. The first step is to review your year so you know where you stand for the upcoming year.

The Life Noted planner has a page dedicated to reviewing the past year (see photo above). It’s not prescribed, so you can use it in any way that works for you. You can also do this year review in your journal or notebook, or in the booklet in the back of your Quo Vadis planner.

There are several ways to do a year review. If you haven’t already, check out this month’s Daily Journaling Prompts. The theme for December is all about reviewing your year, and each day’s journaling prompt walks you step by step through reviewing your year.

Another way to review your year is to break it down into your priorities and evaluate your progress in each.

For example, say your priorities for this year were Family, Health, Work, and Personal Growth.

Look back through your planner, bullet journal, and/ or journal for this year and ask yourself the following questions for each category:

What did I accomplish this year? Which goals did I fulfill? (Celebrate your success!)

What goals did I not complete this year? Why?

What were some roadblocks I faced this year that derailed me from my goals?

What can I do to get around these roadblocks next year?

Did any goals become irrelevant or lower-priority this year?

How is my life different now than it was at the beginning of this year?

These questions will get you started. Think about how your year went, and be honest with yourself. What were some successes? What were some losses? What made you happy this year? What were some disappointments?

Write it all down, and highlight anything of particular importance, anything that stands out, or patterns you notice.

Next Monday (Dec 31st), we will use the results of your year review to help you determine your priorities for the upcoming year. The following Monday (January 7th) we will use your priorities to help you set your goals for the year. Look for these posts here on Quo Vadis blog!

Planner shown: the Life Noted planner is brand new to the Quo Vadis lineup for 2019. It has pages dedicated to helping you evaluate your year, determine your priorities and goals, and review them each month to keep you on track to success all year long. You can find the Life Noted planner in the USA at QuoVadisPlanners.com and in the UK (with worldwide shipping) at QuoVadis-Diaries.co.uk.

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