Time management Monday: How to find the time to get it all done this month

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How are you going to fit everything in this month? Your life is already pretty busy. Add on top of that holiday shopping and preparations, end-of-year work and school reports and projects, events, parties, dinners, guests… there’s so much to do and prepare for! Where will you find the time?

“Find” is the operative word. The time isn’t going to magically appear. You are going to have to look for the time to fit everything in. Here’s how:

Prioritize and simplify: Think about what you need to do. Now think about what really needs to get done. Do you really need to get gifts for everyone on your list? Or for some would a card do instead? Think about your preparations: do you actually have time to look up recipes, shop for ingredients, and bake treats for your children’s classrooms/ the front desk staff/ the mail (wo)man? Or could you buy treats instead? You need to get a little ruthless about your time. You can only do so much, and each task you choose to do bumps a different one off the can-do list. Make sure the things you do are the ones that are most important.

Streamline and batch tasks: Don’t do the same thing multiple times. Get all your packages ready to send, and then go to the post office only once. Set up a wrapping station (even if it’s on your bedroom floor) and leave it there so you can wrap gifts efficiently without having to search for the scissors and tape every. single. time.

Get others involved and delegate: You don’t have to do everything yourself. (You really don’t!!) Have your kids write the holiday cards to their teachers and grandparents. (Grandparents love this!!) Get the whole family involved with decorating (and later, putting everything away). Make it a family tradition! Maybe everything won’t look exactly the way you would have done it yourself, but it will be more fun (and less time consuming). Have guests coming over? Ask them to bring specific foods and/ or home supplies. They will be glad to help!

Shove things off the list: Face the fact that some things are going to have to wait until things settle down. Now isn’t the best time to expect people to get back to you quickly; everyone else is swamped too. Put big work projects on hold until next month if at all possible.

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