Time management Monday: Additional planner features

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Quo Vadis planners have loads of great features beyond just planning pages! Here are some of the extra features that come with your Quo Vadis planner:

Tear-off corners help you find your current page easily.

Quo Vadis planners have sewn bindings that allow them to lie open completely flat.


All Quo Vadis planners are available with refillable covers in loads of different colors and materials! You can also purchase covers separately so you can change your cover whenever you like.


There are also booklets in the back of the planner that can be replaced when filled.

Quo Vadis planners also have holidays for the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand printed in the day spaces so you don’t have to write holidays and observance days into your planner yourself. (Except for the Journal 21, Space 24, Space 17, and Visual planners which have USA holidays only.)

And of course, the Clairefontaine paper used in Quo Vadis planners is designed to give a superior writing experience. it is super-smooth, acid-free, sustainably sourced, and PEFC certified.

Other features vary by the type of planner:

Most Quo Vadis planners have Anno-Planning pages that allow you to see the overview of your entire year all in one view. I like to use these pages to see holidays, travel, deadlines, bills due, etc.

Anno-Planning pages


Many Quo Vadis planners have maps of the time zones and all the continents:


Many planners also have overview calendars and monthly planning pages. (Here you can see all the Quo Vadis planners that have monthly planning pages.)


Quo Vadis planners come in a range of sizes from pocket to extra large in a huge variety of formats! You are sure to find a planner that will help keep you organized and that you will enjoy using all year long.

See the entire lineup of Quo Vadis planners available in the USA and read about their features at QuoVadisPlanners.com!

In the UK you can find Quo Vadis planners (with international shipping available) at QuoVadis-Diaries.co.uk.

In Australia, you can find a selection of Quo Vadis planners at Milligram.com.

Quo Vadis planners are available throughout Europe and Japan. Look for a retailer near you!



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