There’s still time to get your 2019 planner! Need help choosing?

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It’s not too late to get your 2019 planner! Here are some tips if you need help choosing the right planner for you:

If you want a planner with goal setting and monthly review features built in, look at the Life Noted planner. It has pages each month to help you set and track your goals.

If you want to do bullet journaling but don’t want to set up/ draw your own pages, the Life Noted planner is also for you. It has bullet journaling features built into the planner. See our series on bullet journaling in the Life Noted planner.

If you are very busy and need to see your timed schedule, daily to-do lists, and weekly lists and notes all in one view, see our planners for busy people!

Trinote weekly planner

We also have planners where you can have your notes and planning all in one book.

Space 24 week + notes planner

See more advice on finding your perfect planner here!

Browse all the Quo Vadis planners here ( If you would like any advice or help choosing the right planner for you, please feel free to leave a comment here or you can email me at Laurie (at) Exaclair (dot) com!


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