Month Theme for December 2018: Enjoy it!

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On the first Wednesday of each month we have a post with the month’s theme. The month theme is something to think about, journal about, include in your daily intentions, and/or be mindful of all month. It’s also a good topic for folks doing our Page Per Day Challenge.

Last December I was so stressed and overwhelmed with holiday planning, gift buying, school events, and general life, I couldn’t really enjoy the lead-up to the holidays. When everything was finally done, then I felt I could relax. But then the holidays were over!!

So this month I’m making a conscious effort to step back from the stress and focus on enjoying the process. Maybe I take a little more time instead of rushing. I look up from what I’m doing to focus on the person I’m having a conversation with. I remember the point of the holiday season is togetherness and joy.

I’m also making it easier on myself (and my budget) by streamlining my holiday preparations. I don’t need to buy each of my kids’ teachers a gift; they will enjoy a card instead. I don’t need to put pressure on myself to make the holidays perfect, being together is what really matters.

What are some ways you can enjoy this holiday season more?

The Month Theme comes out on the first Wednesday of each month. You can see all the month themes here.

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