Determining your Priorities for the upcoming year

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Happy New Year everyone! You are almost ready to set your goals for the upcoming year!

Last Monday’s post was all about helping you review this past year. If you haven’t already, go look at that post to evaluate your year. Once you have done that, you’ll be ready to figure out your priorities for the upcoming year. The next step after that is to use your priorities as your guidelines for setting your goals.

This is for everybody, but it’s especially useful for everyone using a Life Noted planner. Welcome!

The Life Noted planner is designed to help you set your goals and follow through with them all year. The first step is to review your year so you know where you stand for the upcoming year.

The Life Noted planner has a page dedicated to setting your priorities for the upcoming year (see photo above). It’s not prescribed, so you can use it in any way that works for you. You can also do this in your journal or notebook, or in the booklet in the back of your Quo Vadis planner.

Look back through your planner, notebook, or bullet journal from this past year. How did you spend most of your time this year? Those were your priorities. Which things did you spend the most energy (mental and/ or physical) on? Those things were your focus. Now ask yourself these questions:

Are you happy with your priorities this year? Were they what you intended your priorities to be? Why or why not?

Are you happy with how you spent your energy this year? Did you intend to spend most of your energy on those things? Why or why not?

What is most important to you in the upcoming year?

List what is most important to you in each aspect of your life: health/ fitness; relationships; work/school; personal, etc.

What can you do to make sure these priorities are the focus of your energies this year?

Next Monday (January 7th) will be all about helping you set achievable goals for the upcoming year! (Click here to see that post.)

Planner shown: the Life Noted planner is brand new to the Quo Vadis lineup for 2019. It has pages dedicated to helping you evaluate your year, determine your priorities and goals, and review them each month to keep you on track to success all year long. You can find the Life Noted planner in the USA at and in the UK (with worldwide shipping) at

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