Writing Wednesday: When to write a thank you note

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The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes thank you notes! A hand-written card is always a thoughtful gesture, especially when someone has done something nice for you. Sending a snail mail note shows your appreciation in a way that can’t be expressed by hitting Send.

What is the etiquette for sending thank you notes? Here is a roundup of situations in which sending a thank you note is the socially correct thing to do, and within what period of time:

Gifts by type, and when they should be sent:

  • Wedding (within three months)
  • Hospital (as soon as recovered)
  • Bridal, baby shower, or baptism (within a month)
  • Birthday, holiday, congratulations, etc. received by mail (within a month)

Occasions by type:

  • Job interview (within 24 hours!)
  • Donations, recommendation letters
  • When you were a houseguest or someone hosted a party in your honor

When in doubt, send a thank you note! It will always be appreciated.

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