Switching to a paper planner from apps

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I recently re-read the article My First Month Using A Paper Planner After A Decade Drowning In Apps. A couple of things struck me about the author’s experience.

The first thing I noticed was how he was better able to plan his priorities for the entire week, instead of just react to what was happening today. As a long-time paper planner user, this is something I take for granted. Seeing my entire week with my tasks alongside lets me see where I can slot things in among my scheduled events.

Minister weekly planner

The article also highlights an important point: it will take some experimentation to figure out which planner will work best for you. If you try a planner and it doesn’t work perfectly for you right away, don’t think paper planners in general aren’t for you. Think about why that particular planner didn’t work for you. What’s missing? Try another planner that better fits your needs.

There are so many planners out there, the choice can feel overwhelming. To help you narrow down your planner choices, think first about what you want your planner to do for you.

If you want a planner where you can write your daily and weekly plans, with monthly reviews and goal setting advice, check out the Life Noted planner. This planner is also perfect for people who want to do bullet journaling but don’t want to spend time setting it up.

Life Noted planner

If you have a busy schedule and lots of tasks, you want a planner with timed daily spaces and a weekly dashboard for your lists. Look at our planners for busy people.

Trinote weekly planner

If you want to keep track of your schedule and write notes all in the same book, a week + notes planner is for you!

Space 24 week + notes planner

If you’re not sure and would like some advice, please leave a comment on this post and I will be happy to help you find your perfect planner!

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  1. Thx for the review and the great ideas.???? As a trial lawyer, I find the need to have direct access to the office calendar, and vice versa, is important. So I use “Fantastical”, a Google Calender skin, on my phone. But for several years, I have used a ruled B5 Apica (or Life or Tsubame, etc) and use two pages each week: to-dos on the right-hand page and phone call numbers and notes on the left. Start each Sunday evening by putting Monday’s date at the top of the to-do side and preparing my known list for the week.

    • Thanks so much for your comment John, this is a great idea! That ends up being a great record of what you did and who you talked to each week.

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