Life Noted planner pages in A5 and Classic size ring binders

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Mark asked a great question in a comment on our Bullet Journaling in your Planner Part 1 post about Life Noted planner pages to fit an A5 ring binder, or a workaround. I replied that Quo Vadis planners in the US are bound only. But I did a little experiment to see if the Life Noted planner pages would work in an A5/ Classic/ Desk size ring binder, and they do! Scroll down for photos!

(Quick side note: There are French Quo Vadis planner inserts for different sizes of ring binders and they are available for worldwide shipping from Quo Vadis UK, you can see them here. However the Life Noted planners are not available as looseleaf inserts.)

I cut some Life Noted planner pages out of the wire-o binding and trimmed the edge. Then I hole-punched them for an A5 Filofax and a Desk size Day-Timer, which is the same size and hole configuration as the Classic size Franklin Covey planners.

Here you can see the Life Noted pages in an A5 Filofax Finsbury binder. On the left is an A5 page for size comparison. The Life Noted planner pages when trimmed and punched are about the same width as A5, and as you can see to the right you can still easily see the tabs on the Filofax tabbed dividers. The Life Noted planner pages are 9 3/8 inches (24 cm) tall.

Here you can see a two-page spread open in the A5 Filofax. The page on the right looks a little bigger because it is up on top of the other pages in the binder.

Below you can see the binder closed. The Life Noted pages are just visible above the top of the binder. Note that different A5 ring binders have slightly varying measurements. For example this is a Filofax Finsbury, other A5 Filofax models might have slightly different cover measurements.

Below you can see the Life Noted pages in a Desk size Day-Timer ring binder, which is the same size and hole configuration of a Classic size Franklin Covey planner.

If you look closely you can just barely see the page peeking out the top.

Note that when I hole-punched these pages I removed the page guide at the bottom of the hole puncher so I could center the page within the binder.

Something else to note, the paper in the Life Noted planner is white 90gsm and fountain pen friendly, and works well with all inks.

Thanks again to Mark for your question! I hope you will give the Life Noted planner a try in your ring binder, I think you will really like it!

For more information about the Life Noted planner including where to buy in the US, UK, and worldwide click here!

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