How Penny’s use of her Life Noted planner has evolved

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Penny did an excellent post showing how her use of her Life Noted planner has evolved over the months!

She loves the month pages and how all 7 days have equal size spaces on the weekly pages. At first she used her Life Noted planner the same way she previously used her Principal planner, but over the weeks her use evolved into a type of bullet journaling system.

She shows photos of how she does this in her Life Noted, and walks you through her weekly planning process.

Penny says:

I was surprised how much I like using this format to plan the arc of my week. It took some trial and error to figure out how I wanted to add things to the page, but now I like it. Why? I’m no longer trying to do a zillion things on Monday (er most Mondays) but instead using the entire week. It’s become an integrated part of my work. It now has my highest honor — I don’t think about it anymore, I trust it enough that I can use it.

To see all the details of how she uses her Life Noted planner, head on over to her post at Penguin Girl!

Thanks so much to Penny for sharing with us all how you use your Life Noted!

You can find the Life Noted planner in the USA here, and in the UK (with worldwide shipping available) here!

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