Bullet Journaling in your Planner Part 4: Collections and Threading

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Welcome back to our series on Bullet Journaling in your Planner! In Part 1 I showed you how to do your Daily Log, in Part 2 I showed you how to do your Monthly Log and Future Log, and in Part 3 I showed you how to do your Month Reviews and Migration.

In today’s post I’ll show you a super-easy way to do Collections with your planner, and how to use Threading in your planner pages and with your Collections.

In Part 1 I talked about using your planner’s daily spaces for your Daily Log, and if you need more space each day or on particular days you can use a Notes booklet inside the cover of your planner to extend your Daily Log. Depending on how much you write each day, a booklet can last you a month or more.

Clairefontaine A5 staple bound notebook inside back cover of Life Noted planner

I also recommend using a booklet for Collections. This makes your Collections so easy to find. Put a Collections Index in the front of the booklet so you can find the Collection you are looking for quickly and easily.

If you write a lot of Collections, you can replace your booklet with a new one when it fills up. If you write few Collections, or use Collections that carry over year to year, you can move your booklet to your new planner the following year.

If you write a lot for your Daily Log and you write a lot of Collections, I recommend using separate booklets for these purposes. The Life Noted cover can easily hold a booklet inside the front and back covers.

Rhodia A5 staple-bound notebook inside front cover of Life Noted planner

The booklets shown here are A5 size Rhodia and Clairefontaine staple-bound notebooks. If you would like a slimmer booklet you can use a Quo Vadis booklet. The 6 1/4 by 9 3/8 inches booklet (same size as fits the Hebdo, Scholar, Space 24, and Minister planners) fits in the Life Noted planner cover. (For more information on the Quo Vadis booklets and where to buy click here.)

Using replaceable booklets for your Daily Log and your Collections gives you unlimited writing space for each, while still giving you forward planning through the current year and next year (with your Anno-Planning pages for next year) in your planner!

You can use Threading to continue notes, lists, and thoughts from one place to another in your bullet journal/ planner system.

Here are some examples:

The most basic form of Threading allows you to continue a Collection from one page to another later in your booklet. That way you never have to hoard pages, you can write your Collections as they develop and continue as needed.

In this example, the page number is 10 and it threads to (continues on) page 14.

You can also Thread your Daily Log. For example if you need more space on a particular day you can Thread it to your Daily Log booklet. You can designate the location in your Daily Log by page number or by date. Personally I prefer to indicate by date in my Daily Log. In the example below, I have threaded my conversation with Jen to my Daily Log so I can write down details. So in this case I wrote D: 7Dec to indicate I threaded it to my Daily Log booklet under the date of December 7th.

You can also Thread from your Daily Log to refer to a Collection. Say for example you need to write a packing list. Thread to the list by writing C to indicate it’s in your Collections booklet, then the page number. So in this example I wrote C14 to show my packing list is in my Collections booklet on page 14. This allows you to keep a large amount of information in your planner without overcrowding your weekly pages.

If you use more than one booklet for your Daily Log or Collections for the year, number subsequent booklets. So for example if you Thread to a Collection that’s in your second Collections booklet that year you would write C2: 23 to show it’s on page 23 of your second Collections booklet.

I hope you have enjoyed this series on Bullet Journaling in your Planner! If you have any comments or questions please post them here!

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