Bullet Journaling in your Planner Part 3: Month Reviews and Migration

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Welcome back to our series on Bullet Journaling in your Planner! In Part 1 I showed you how to do your Daily Log, and in Part 2 I showed you how to do your Monthly Log and Future Log.

Today in Part 3 I’ll show you how to use your planner for Month Reviews and Migration. This is probably where bullet journaling becomes most useful.

The purpose of a Month Review is to make sure you are on track, and get you back on track if you’ve slipped. In your Month Review, you will look back through your pages for the past month and reflect on how you spent your time. Are you progressing with your goals? Are you focusing on your priorities? Are you completing all your tasks? What is left undone?

The Life Noted planner has Month Review pages built into the weekly pages, so at the end of each month when you turn your weekly page you’ll see the Month Review pages there to remind you it’s time to do your review.

I have an ongoing series here on Quo Vadis blog to help you do your Month Review each month. There is a new theme every month so you have the choice of doing the new theme each month, choosing which theme/ type of review you prefer, or picking and choosing aspects of each theme to incorporate into your review each month.

In August I showed you how to do a basic monthly review. That’s a good place to start.

In September the theme was Learning Experiences and lessons learned.

In October the theme was Evaluating Priorities and helping you determine what is most important in your life.

This month’s theme will be Data, where you will look back through all the data you collected this month in regard to your goals (such as miles run, pounds lost, words written, etc.). The Month Review post for November will be this Friday November 23rd.

Your Month Review will let you evaluate the previous month and set your priorities and goals for the upcoming month.

When you do your Month Review, look back through your planner at everything you did in the past month. Notice if there are any tasks that did not get completed. Take all those incomplete tasks and write them in the To Do section of next month’s overview page:

Use a signifier, like a right-facing arrow (or whatever works for you) to indicate that task has been migrated. Write a number to show how many times it has been migrated, or a month abbreviation to show which month it started, so you can see how long this task has been migrated. Give yourself a limit on how many times a task can be migrated before you either give it top priority and get it done, or dump it.

Many people prefer to do weekly task migration instead of monthly task migration. You can write your weekly tasks in the Reminders section of your weekly pages:

Personally I do both. I find I most often end up migrating monthly tasks, because those are the ones that seem less urgent and tend to hang out longer if I don’t prioritize them. It helps to designate tasks to a specific week to make sure they get done.

Next time I’ll show you how to do Collections and Threading!

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