Bullet Journaling in your Planner Part 1: Daily Log

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Welcome to the first post in our new series demonstrating how to use the bullet journal method in your planner!

A common complaint among bullet journalers is there is too much time spent setting up your notebook for bullet journaling. One of the advantages of using a planner for bullet journaling is there is no setup time; you just open your planner and start using it.

Another complaint I see frequently is difficulty with forward planning in a bullet journal. Plans get written into the Future Log without much structure, then have to be re-written later. With a planner, you write your future scheduled events or tasks directly on the day they need to happen.

You can use the bullet journal method in any notebook or planner, but the Life Noted planner is especially useful for bullet journaling because the framework is already there for your Daily Log, Weekly Log, Monthly Log, Future Log, Month Review, Collections, and more!

In this series I will show you how to use the bullet journal method in your Life Noted planner, step by step with a new topic each week.

This week we will start with the basics: your Daily Log.

You can do your Rapid Logging directly into the current day’s space in your planner. Use symbols to quickly see tasks, notes, and appointments. Create a Key so you can remember what your symbols mean until they become second nature. I recommend using as few symbols as you can, and keeping them simple. The point is to quickly and easily get the information down on paper. If your system is too complicated, you’ll get bogged down.

Here is an example of a Key. These are the symbols I use:

You can read more about Rapid Logging and how to use symbols in Part 1 of our Simplified Bullet Journaling series.

As the day goes on, record your information straight into the day’s space on your planner. This will create a record of what you did each day, which you will need later for your Weekly and/ or Monthly Review (more on that in a future post!).

You can see an example below showing how to create your Daily Log in the day space of your Life Noted planner. Your schedule and notes go in the large daily space; tasks have their own section for easy visibility. You can also see how I color code: green for exercise/ health, black for work, blue for personal, red (not shown) for urgent/ important.

You can see how I used my Notes symbols to make notes on the events. For example I noted how long this morning’s run with J was (50 minutes), the result of my phone call with Olivia (she will get the new budget to me Friday), and the take-away points from today’s new business meeting: we need to increase sales 15 % and come up with three new products for next year.

If you need more space for your Daily Log (for example longer notes, journaling, or other details) you can use a Notes Booklet slotted into the back of your planner for more writing space. You can see how you might do an expanded Daily Log in your Notes Booklet in this post, see example below.

Using a Notes Booklet in your planner will give you unlimited writing space; when your booklet fills up, archive it and start a new one. You can even use two booklets, one in the front and one in the back of your Life Noted planner. You can use one for your Daily Log and the other for your Collections (more on that in a future post!). Notes booklets that fit the Life Noted planner include Clairefontaine and Rhodia A5 stapled notebooks, and Quo Vadis Notes booklets with blank pages. (Click links for more info.)

In upcoming posts I will show you how to do your Monthly Log and Month Review in your Life Noted planner, keeping Collections, Migrating and Threading, and more! You can see all the posts in our Bullet Journaling in your Planner series here.

For more details about the Life Noted planner including where to buy anywhere in the world click here!

5 thoughts on “Bullet Journaling in your Planner Part 1: Daily Log

  1. Great article and series, Laurie!

    Is there a version of the Life Noted Planner or similar product available for those of us that use A5 ring binders?

    Or a workaround?



    • Hi Mark, thanks so much for your comment!

      Quo Vadis USA only makes bound planners. However it would be easy to cut the Life Noted planner pages out of the wire-o binding and punch holes to fit an A5 ring binder. The pages are a little taller than A5 so they would come right to the edge of your binder or maybe just barely stick out a little, depending on which binder you use. But yes that would certainly be do-able!

  2. Thank you so much for this. It makes so much sense. I am one of those folks who don’t like to have to write in dates, I want them there for me, already done. Guess I am not alone.

    • Thanks so much for your comment Barb, I’m so glad this resonates with you! Yes I know there are a lot of people who love bullet journaling but get frustrated with the setup time, and find creating their own framework to be a barrier. This series of posts should simplify that whole process!

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