Top 10 posts for October 2018

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Our Top 10 post is a little early this month; since I do these posts on the last Thursday of each month, we still have almost a week left in October. Here you can see which posts people have been reading the most so far this month!

10: This post tackles the age-old question: should you use separate planners for work vs. personal life?

9: See Katie (TheRamblingPlanner)’s color coding in her Life Noted planner!

8: What’s New From Quo Vadis shows you all our newly released products including our brand new planner, notebooks, fine arts books, and inks!

7: This post has links to all of our Planners With Fountain Pen Friendly Paper. We have lots of planners in various sizes and formats (and loads of cover styles and colors) with fountain-pen friendly paper, so you are sure to find one for you!

6: Our refillable notebooks are now available! See more information including where to buy in the US, UK, and internationally in this post.

5: This post walks you through the process of Creating Daily Actions and Tasks From Your Monthly Goals.

4: Planners For Busy People helps you choose the right planner to handle your schedule and tasks!

3: How To Use A Planner: A Guide For New Users is always among our most-read posts. It has lots of great tips for anyone using a paper planner.

2: In our second-most read post this month, we discussed Planner Size And Carrying Your Planner With You. All Quo Vadis planners are designed to be slim, so even those with large page sizes are still nicely portable! A great option if you are sick of lugging around a bulky, heavy planner.

1: The most-read post this month is the Daily Journaling Prompts for October. This month we did a fun game of Would You Rather?

Look for the Top 10 posts of the month on the last Thursday of each month.


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