Time management Monday: Erase or cross out changes in your schedule?

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I normally erase or use correction fluid to cover up schedule entries that need to be changed. But Robert recently had an excellent comment on our What To Write In Your Planner post:

Nice intro to using planners!
Two additional items I learned hearing Harold Taylor speak in….1996:
— Don’t keep two different calendars.
— Don’t make changes by erasing, make changes by crossing out.
(Okay three items…)
— Date all entries, including changes to entries.

So helpful!

Crossing out, rather than erasing, changes (and dating them) is an interesting idea and makes a lot of sense. I can envision lots of scenarios where doing this would be helpful. For example, if a client repeatedly changes or cancels appointments, you can have a record of when and how many times it happened.

One option to keep your planner looking tidier and keeping the space available to make a new appointment at that time is to cover up the crossed-out appointment with a sticky note trimmed to fit the space, so you can still use that space while still keeping the record of the cancelled or changed appointment.

Do you line-out or erase changed plans?

Harold Taylor is a time management expert, his website is TaylorInTime.com. You may remember awhile back we had a post about the Taylor Planner being discontinued. Their website says:

We regret that continually decreasing sales of our paper planner has forced us to cease publication beginning with the 2018 issue. We recommend you consider the Quo Vadis Minister Planner. It is very similar in layout and exactly the same size as the Taylor planner.

The Minister weekly planner is one of our most popular planners. If you like the layout of the Minister but want a smaller or larger version, see this post to see size comparisons of all of our planners with this popular layout.

Minister weekly planner


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