Writing Wednesday: What is the Page Per Day Challenge?

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If you follow our Daily Journaling Prompts and/ or our Month Themes you have probably seen mention of the Page Per Day Challenge. But what is it?

We’ve been running our Page Per Day Challenge for a couple of years now. The Page Per Day Challenge is a way to get you into a daily journaling habit in a fun and easy (especially easy!) way. The reason why it’s specifically one page each day (in your day per page planner or undated notebook, your choice) is because it’s do-able.

If you feel like you have to write lots of details of your day every day, you’ll run out of steam pretty quickly. By limiting yourself to one page every day, you’ll have to decide what to include, and what not to include, on your day’s page. Despite sounding limiting, it’s actually liberating; without the pressure to capture lots of details, you are free to put whatever you want on the page.

There are several ways you could use your page each day. You can even use your pages differently day by day as you like, do something for awhile then do something else, have monthly themes, etc. Here are some ideas for different ways to use your page each day:

  • Probably the easiest way is to use our Daily Journaling Prompts. The Daily Journaling Prompts for the upcoming month are posted here on Quo Vadis blog on the last Wednesday of each month. Each month has a new theme, and every day has a new journaling prompt. This will give you an automatic topic to write about each day.
  • Another easy way is to follow our Month Themes, which you can journal about each day if you want, or have as a weekly review topic. The new theme for each month is posted here on Quo Vadis blog on the first Wednesday of each month.

Here are some other ways to use your page each day:

  • Inspiration/ quotes journal
  • Daily catch-all
  • Artistic journal
  • Gratitude
  • Cute things your kids/ grandkids do/say each day
  • Nature observations, weather, flowers blooming
  • Gardening journal
  • A simple logbook/ record of the events of your day
  • Sketch of the day
  • Writing your novel one page per day
  • Poem of the day

The possibilities are endless!

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Planner shown: the Journal 21 page per day planner

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