Time management Monday: Summer Reflection

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It’s September! The changing of seasons is fast approaching, school is back in full swing, and schedules are busy again.

Now is a good time to pause for a moment and reflect on the past few months.

How did you spend your summer? Did you spend your time the way you wanted/ intended to? If not, why?

What were some fun things you did this summer?

What were some of your accomplishments this summer?

Which people did you spend time with?

It’s not crazy to start a list now of things you want to do next summer. Were there things you wanted to do this summer but didn’t get around to? Do you want to take any trips next summer that you need to plan/ save money for?

Now (while you are still thinking about summer) is a good time to start setting your goals for next summer, and remind yourself why those goals are important. That way when you are sticking to your budget and eating soup for dinner in January, you can remind yourself how much fun you’ll have on your summer trip to Italy!

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