Anderson Pens blog thINKthursday Cornaline d’Egypte review!

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Chris at Anderson Pens blog did an excellent review of the new J Herbin Cornaline d’Egypte ink on one of their thINKthursday posts last month! You can see the full review here.

I was very impressed with the sphynx sketch! There’s also loads of details on drying times, comparisons with similar inks, writing samples, information on flow, saturation, and shading, and more.

For lots of details and photos of the Cornaline d’Egypte ink, see the review here!

One thought on “Anderson Pens blog thINKthursday Cornaline d’Egypte review!

  1. Funny to see that according to the picture we are talking about a nice red ink, when in fact it is a bright orange!
    This said, the sphynx is indeed nicely detailed 🙂

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